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What you’ll find here are guidebooks for taking action, irrespective of where you currently are now in your financial life and investing career.

Below you will learn more about Chammas' approach to creating wealth through real estate, learning the art of financial transformation and how to consciously create your life masterpiece.

You can think of each book as a proven, dependable tool for change. Written in Chammas' lively, easy-to-follow style.

Book + Workbook

If you’re planning to get out of the corporate grind and escape your financial uncertainty of a paycheck to paycheck struggle of being an employee to have income made smart, investing in rental properties while still working is certainly a sure path to quit like a millionaire and go from an employee to a millionaire real estate investor with bigger pockets.

In this book, award-winning best-selling author H.J. Chammas brings you the step-by-step processes to buying, owning, and managing rental properties to become a millionaire real estate investor. You'll get a practical step-by-step award-winning “Rental Properties Investment Blueprint” he used to build his investment property fortune, while working!

From identifying and closing deals, getting approved for loans, renting out properties, dealing with tenants, and capitalizing on opportunities, this book will challenge how you've always looked at life, finances, investments, and real estate.

What You'll Gain As You Learn The Path From Employee to Millionaire?

  • A solid, proven passive income blueprint and financial freedom plan, even if money is getting tight and bills are piling up.
  • Uncover the big lie that you need to earn a high income to own rental properties and build wealth.
  • ​The hack on how to fund real estate with bad credit so you can quickly get that cash down payment.
  • ​4 creative solutions that you can mix and match to legally purchase your first rental property with little to nothing down.
  • ​Secrets from behind the scenes on how to negotiate rental properties at below market price.
  • ​How to quickly avoid the #1 mistake real estate investors make that causes them to take months or years to get started.
  • ​The absolute “bulletproof” checklist to determine whether it’s a good deal, with no rental loss, so that you’ll be on top of real estate negotiation and be a winner in real estate investing.
  • ​How to get up, running, and scale up your rental property portfolio effortlessly to a level the accumulated residual income from rent far exceeds your total expenses, so that you can start enjoying a life with more money, time, and choices.
The 4 Stages Of Building Wealth is your ticket to radical personal finance and your blueprint of how do most investors build wealth.

This simple 4-step process will give you  plan to exit the rat race and the struggle of making ends meet with no money, so that you can live the life you always have dreamed of.

Award-winning best-selling author H. J. Chammas lays it all out for you in easy-to-follow system and equips you with the templates and worksheets you need to put all this golden learning into action and start creating passive income to achieve financial freedom.

What You'll Gain As You Go Through The 4 Stages Of Building Wealth?

  • Unique, easy-to-follow return on investment formula that you can begin implementing today and turn around your financial life from waiting for those paychecks to start having those checks feeding your account.
  • How to get all the capital you need so you can fund your investments which means you can make money with no money from your own pocket.
  • The absolute “bulletproof” best way to build wealth, manage your personal finances, and start making money (even during recession) to be financially fit without worry.
  • The not-so-obvious secrets to eliminate all roadblocks that are making you stand in your own way to financial independence so that you can guarantee a positive transformation of your life.
  • The mindset and habits the wealthy adopt to overcome their fears, start getting ahead in life, become experienced investors, and build generational wealth that will look after their children for years to come.
  • A best-selling system that improves your financial IQ and makes your money work hard for you so you can enjoy a residual income flow without working.
  • Simple money habits and disciplines to help you get rid of your bad debt, create multiple streams of income, grow your assets, and build generational wealth, so that you can think and grow rich as well as secure your children’s future.


Millionaire Mindset and Success Habits is a book designed with one purpose in mind; and that is to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life.

This book has broken down the walls of complexity and created simple success recipes for you to quickly implement in your life to reach the level of wealth and abundance you desire.

This book is about making you break those walls that your own mind has created and that made you stand in your own way to success and financial independence.

What You'll Gain As You Learn The Mindset & Success Habits?

  • Acknowledge your own limiting beliefs.
  • Understand the underlying personal truth for each of your personal beliefs.
  • Replace your Limiting Beliefs with Empowering Beliefs about money and personal finance.
  • ​The mindset and habits the wealthy adopt to overcome their fears, start getting ahead in life, become experienced investors, and build generational wealth that will look after their children for years to come.
  • Real life examples to better convey the learning.

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The 4 Pillars of Building Wealth is your ticket to radical personal finance and your blueprint for a solid wealth building plan.
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